Photographs and copyright

To photographers

“Thank you very much” is the first thing to say. Sincere thanks to every photographer whose picture is used on this website: firstly for taking a great photo, and, crucially, for giving it a Creative Commons (CC) or other license that allows it to be re-used. I like every single photo and hope you are pleased to see they are truly appreciated. If you have any queries or problems please contact me at lel AT homethingspast DOT com. (Change AT and DOT to the usual email address format.) I would be very happy to comment on your flickr page so please just ask if I haven’t already. (I’ve been uncertain about doing this since I heard some people see it as self-promotion, but others like to know where their photos are used.)

General info

If the photo on this website is from a or wikimedia photographer, s/he is credited in the caption and there is a link to their work and licensing info at the end of the article.

If the photo is by HomeThingsPast it has this Creative Commons license, meaning you could use it if you link back to this website.

Creators of pictures with a Creative Commons license keep their copyright and ownership. The license allows other people to use a photo if they stick to the conditions. You can read the full license by clicking through to it. For example, on flickr pages a brief guide to the CC info, with link, is on the lower right of the main photo page.

Any picture here without licensing information is in the public domain (PD), I believe. This means that it is old enough to be out of copyright, or PD for some other reason: like photos published by the US government or given public domain status by their creator.

Please let me know of any mistakes. I try hard not to make any when it comes to other people’s creative work, but I’m only human and so…..

Please note that I cannot license my writing the same way as the pictures, as I need to guard against “duplicate content” which could damage my website’s visibility. If you want to use some text from here, please ask.

If you want to base an article of your own on my research, I would appreciate acknowledgement and a link. Sorry for mentioning it to anyone who’s conscientious about that kind of thing anyway.

3 thoughts on “Photographs and copyright

  1. The dough box table in your picture looks identical to one that I have come in possession of. Do you know the value of the table?


  2. Hello, I’d like to incorporate general information and a few quotes from your article in one being written for the Flow Blue International Collectors’ Club ( May I have your permission, please?

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Cindy Neff


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